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Why Martial Management

Welcome to Martial Management Web. Below is a list of current or soon-to-be-implemented features of the system.  With this tool, you can manage your entire martial arts organization and the best part is that most of the functionality for smaller schools is free. It is also free to get started as long as you are under 20 students.  So who should use Martial Management

Who are potential users of Martial Management Web.
  • Anyone who is responsible for running a martial arts school or even an entire organization.
  • Anyone who teaches in a martial arts school.
  • Anyone who is a student in a martial arts school.
The aim of this website is to give the people involved in a martial arts organization the tools to manage the day to day activities as well as disseminate information and allow the members to keep in contact. Here is a basic list of what martial management can do for your organization.

Martial Arts school administrators
Anyone who finds themselves managing or otherwise administering a martial arts school or several schools can use this service to organize virtually all aspects of their school. Administrators can enter school information, manage students, and manage other aspects of the system.

Martial Arts school instructors
As an instructor, you can use the system to enter class information, enter notes concerning certain students, communicate with students, provide curriculum, and other instructor oriented tasks.

Martial Arts students
As a student of a participating school, you can check online for events and notices, communicate with the instructor, track your progress, look at curriculum, and other activities that a student would be interested in.

General consumers looking for martial arts schools in their area
As a non-user of the system, anyone on the web can lookup martial arts schools that participate either as a customer or just with a listing. Listings can feature as much or as little information as the schools wish.

Basic Features
The following list briefly outlines Current and Future features:

Current Basic Features
  1. Track basic Student Information
  2. Track Student Progress and Attendance
    • Class Plans
    • Actuals
    • Techniques and Activities
  3. Create Student Groups.
  4. Manage multiple schools from one account.
  5. Generate numerous reports
    • Student Roster
    • Activity Summary
    • Class Plans / Actuals
    • Instructor Hour Breakdown
    • Student Hour Breakdown
    • Student History
    • Time In Rank
    • Weekly Attendance
  6. Define and dissiminate information to your students with custom content.
    • Instructor Manuals
    • Curriculum
    • Belt Requirements
    • Web Links
    • Other Documents
  7. Announcements
  8. Event Calendar
  9. Ranking
    • Who was promoted
    • When they were promoted
    • Promoted by whom
    • Customizable ranking system
  10. Messaging and Communication.
    • Leave Messages for other students
    • Personal Journal
  11. Forum
  12. Bulk Email to individual students or to groups.
  13. Upload student pictures
Premium Features
  1. Track Student Payments
  2. Email to individual students or to groups
  3. Reports
    • Transaction reporting.
    • Inventory Reporting.
    • "No-Show" lists.
    • Pending Payments
    • Profitability
  4. Track Transactions
  5. Inventory
  6. Marketing Channels
  7. Mobile Friendly pages
Planned Enhancements
  1. Import/Export data to and from various formats
  2. Allow branding of website with personalized graphics and colors.
  3. Automatic reminder system.
  4. Sample documents for the startup school
  5. Enhanced user preference settings
  6. Organization wide content
  7. Lockdown of setup data at the org level.
Since it's free to get started, why not go ahead and create your organization and get started.  The application is constantly under development and improvement.  To get started and to operate with 20 active users or less is free.  For larger schools, you can upgrade your plan anytime.

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