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The Story Behind Martial Management

Back in October of 1999, I started my first Aikido school in Marietta, GA.  Part of the requirements for our organization was to track student hours spent in class.  These hours were part of the requirements for testing.  Also, the advanced students were required to spend time teaching.  Most instructors in my organization were using paper or electronic spreadsheets to track this information.  Since I am a software developer by trade, I decided it could be done better.  The first generation of the software took form as a Visual Basic application using an MS Access database.  This program tracked contact information, student hours and even what techniques we worked on on any given class.  This helped me not only track the hours but also make sure I was giving my students a good coverage of techniques.

As more people in my organization found out about the program, they wanted it.  However, when I tried to distribute the application, there were logistical problems with operating system versions and conflicting software.  As a result, the first web-based version was created by taking the Visual Basic code, almost line for line, and reproducing it as a web site.  This worked great for a while and virtually all the instructors were using it.

One day, one of the instructors asked me if other schools could use it as he was involved with several schools and liked it so much, he wanted to recommend it other people.  At the time, the website was hardcoded to serve the needs of my Aikido, but not for the martial arts community in general.  This was the catalyst for the site you see today.  I took everything I had learned from the first two attempts and re-wrote the entire application from the ground up.  I added several improvements to make the site more generic and useful to a wider range of schools.  The ranking system is now flexible as well as the ability for the system to store multiple schools under one organizational umbrella.  Also, with the old system, it was manually administered whereas this system supports people coming in to create their own organization.

All in all, it has been a fun project over the years.  When I decided to make the application available to the general public, I wanted it to be easy to use, and very affordable.  I decided to make the majority of the application free for samller schools.  As you school grows, you can upgrade your plan for a nominal charge.  I will never sell any of your information.  Please see the pricing page for details. This site was written by a martial artist for the martial arts community.  I hope you enjoy using it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

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