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The Martial Management Deal

"So what is the deal with Martial Management?" you may ask.  "I have searched all over the web and found management software for my Dojo and some of it costs upward of $500/Copy or more.  Why in the world would you write dojo management software and let people use it for free?"

The answer is very simple.  I did not write this application as a business venture.  I wrote it so that my life as an instructor would be easier.  I am an Aikido and Karate instructor and I am also a software developer.  The marriage of the two was very natural for me.  So, you can either purchase professional software OR you can try Martial Management for free.  If you like it, you can upgrade your account then.  Once you do the return-on-investment analysis, I think you will become part of the MM user base. 

I admit that when I first started this application, I wanted it to be free to everyone.  However, there is a cost for hosting and a cost for maintaining.  As I have gotten more users, I have had to answer more questions and spend more time enhancing the system, sometimes with features that make sense but admittidly, I don't use.  I made the decision that I still want smaller schools to be able to use it for free but the larger schools who use it more and have the budget shouldn't mind kicking in some to keep the site going.  Rather than count on donations, I am going to have to start charging.  Please see the pricing page for details.

If you decide to use Martial Management, here are a few of the advantages to going with MM instead of purchasing a commercial package.

Martial Management is Web Based:  This means that when the software is updated, you get the update right away.  No need for installation on your PC.  You can access your school information from any computer connected to the internet running IE 6.0 or better.

Martial Management is Free for smaller schools:  This means if you are 20 or under total active users, you don't pay for the site.  If you go over 20 students, there is a graduated fee system.  See the pricing page for details.  Also, if you don't like MM, you can quit at any time without any additional financial cost to you.  There is no contract and you can quit using the site anytime you wish.  Also, if your student base decreases to the free level, you can downgrade and upgrade your account on any given month.  It's up to you.

The developer is a instructor:  Martial Management was and is being developed by someone who is running an active martial arts class.  Not only am I developing it, I am using it.  I will most likely find the bugs before you do.

The developer is committed to the site:  Since I use it, I am committed to keeping the site running.  I am always looking for new features to add to the site.  I have an open line of communication to anyone who wants to make suggestions.  I like suggestions.  Good suggestions, once implemented make everyone's life better, including my own.  Really good ideas that I use will net you some free membership time.

The site uses the latest technology:  As I said before, I am a programmer.  I use the latest Microsoft development technologies to build this site.  When the next wave of technology comes out, I will upgrade it.  This means I am constantly looking for better ways to deliver content and functionality to you.  This is an ongoing tool for me on many levels.  It isn't going away soon.

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